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Herzliya, Israel 🇮🇱

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SW Architecture

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As the complexity of software-intensive systems grows, Software Architecture becomes an important cornerstone for the entire system’s life-time. Over the last two decades, Software Architecture has established itself as an important engineering discipline, employing state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques that attract both practitioners and researches from around the world.
The series of the Israeli Conferences on Software Architecture aims to bring together researchers and practitioners alike to exchange ideas, insights and best practices. The participants are able to learn from case studies of practical approaches, as well as insights from research and innovation activities.

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Architecting a Serverless IoT System in the Cloud

The Internet of Things is the interconnect of devices and cloud. As the proliferation of connected devices expands to multiple industries, more and more hardware companies are discovering that they are now software companies as well. Building a cloud based software system is not easy, and IoT system are no different. However, various cloud platform services exist out there which make developing such systems much easier, allowing customers to focus on their own unique business logic.

Join me in this session, as I demonstrate the architecture of a real-world IoT Azure based system which utilizes various PaaS services in a completely Serverless manner. We’ll show how the usage of IoT Hub, Azure Functions, Azure Stream Analytics and other PaaS services enable us to architect and implement an IoT system rapidly and at a low cost.