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Sometimes it feels like everybody is creating Microservices Architectures. Everyone’s building a new system with Microservices, decomposing old monoliths, and generally giving us the feeling that Microservices is the only way to go. But is it the only option? What should we consider when approaching Microservices? When should or shouldn’t we use Microservices? And if we do decide to take the approach, how should we handle Microservices?

Join CodeValue’s experts in this half-day online event as we understand what Microservices are all about, when we should use them, what we should avoid, and how to implement them correctly. If you’re a novice to Microservices, or even if you’ve already heard quite a bit about them, you’ll find these talks beneficial. This workshop is intended for decision-makers, software architects, DevOps architects, senior developers, and senior DevOps engineers.

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6 Lessons I Learned on My Journey from Monolith to Microservices

For the past couple of years, Microservices is all the rage. We want to use Microservices, we want to decompose into Microservices, and we want Microservices to be a part of our world. While modern tools and platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, and the public cloud help in implementing and maintaining such systems, the reality is that many fail even before the first line of code was written.

This can happen for many reasons; Perhaps you chose a Microservices architecture for the wrong reasons? Maybe the organization wasn’t ready for it? Or just possibly – perhaps the proposed architecture didn’t embrace the true meaning of Microservices?

As the CTO of CodeValue, I get to tackle these questions a lot. Join me in this session as I provide my perspective on transitioning from Monolith to Microservices through lessons learned in the real world while architecting and implementing multiple Microservices-based software systems at various customers.

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