.NET Fest 2019

Eran Stiller on stage at .NET Fest 2019



Kyiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦

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.NET Fest

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One of the largest .NET conference in Ukraine.

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Create your own serverless PKI with .NET & Azure Key Vault

A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the basis of modern system authentication; X.509 certificates are at the core of modern cryptography. Building your own PKI is not for the faint of heart, so we usually buy our certificates from an external Certificate Authority or operate a 3rd-party off-the-shelf PKI. But what can you do if you need to issue your certificates while keeping your costs low? What if, for example, you’re in the business of manufacturing millions of IoT devices and you need to issue a certificate to each one of them? And to top it off — you want to do it in .NET?

Join Eran in this developer-focused session, as we build a Serverless PKI system in .NET on top of Azure Functions & Azure Key Vault and learn all about Key Vault’s & .NET’s capabilities in regards to X.509 certificates along the way.


6 Lessons I Learned on My Journey From Monolith to Microservices

Microservices is all the rage. We want to use Microservices, we want to decompose into Microservices and we want Microservices to be a part of our world. While modern tools and platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes, Service Mesh and the public cloud help in implementing and maintaining such systems, the reality is that many fail even before the first line of code was written.

Join me as I provide my perspective on transitioning from Monolith to Microservices through lessons learned in the real world, while architecting multiple Microservices based software systems at various customers.