.NET Conf TLV 2019



Tel-Aviv, Israel 🇮🇱

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Event Abstract: .NET Core is getting bigger and more mature. In fact, .NET Core 3, released on 23/09/2019, is the last major release of .NET Core and is considered feature complete when compared with the Standard .NET Framework. The next version to be released during 2020 is .NET 5 which marks a huge step forward for the platform and a unification of all the platform’s runtimes.

.NET Conf 2019 is an annual online event showcasing many of these advancements and capabilities. Following the event, CodeValue will host a local Israel event. Join the CodeValue experts as they highlight the main news and interesting capabilities that .NET has to offer this year. All the sessions will be given in Hebrew.

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Building Cloud-Native Apps with .NET Core 3.0 and Kubernetes

Microservices and Cloud Native Apps are all the rage these days. In this session we will overview all the new features in .NET Core 3.0 which are intended to make your life easier when writing Microservices using this platform. In addition, we will demonstrate all features using a weather app as we build it together on stage.