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In light of the “Corona” crisis and the cancellation of the Ignite event that was due to take place this month, we saw the need to continue to live as it was. We teamed up with lecturers who were due to attend the original event in addition to world leaders and experts in the 365 world and created the conference – Microsoft 365 – The Tour.
We are proud to invite you to a day-long event that has not been done in Israel. The event will be fully delivered on the Microsoft Teams platform and will be divided into different learning paths – Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Power Platform & Azure.

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Bot-Tender: A Chat Bot Walks into a Bar

Chat bots are a rising and exciting new way to interact with your users and engage them wherever they are. You most probably have a web site and you might have a mobile application. But do you have a chat bot? Be it in Slack, Skype, Facebook or anywhere else – your users are already there, so why not allow them to interact with your service directly from there in a human, natural way?

In this session you’ll get to know the Microsoft Bot Framework and the Azure Bot Service, as we use them to build a real live bot bartender on stage and tackle all of the development issues one by one.

Video (Hebrew)