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Founded in January 2013, our mission is to share JavaScript knowledge in a fun and accessible way, in order to create a better community of JavaScript developers we can work with, hire, and learn from.

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Introduction to Azure Static Web Apps

Static Web Apps have been with us for the past ten years or so. But whether you’re using JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React or Svelte, or static site generators such as Next.js, Gatsby, or Hugo, authoring your code is just a part of the problem. Once your code is authored, you still need to build it, deploy it, create an API for it, authenticate and authorize the user, set up an SSL certificate, and so on. Suddenly, writing your code seems like the easy part.

Enter Azure Static Web Apps. Static Web Apps is a new service that allows quickly developing and deploying static front ends, and dynamic back ends powered by Serverless APIs. In this introductory session, we’re going to build a JavaScript app from scratch along with an accompanying API, and we’re going to build it, deploy it and secure it in a matter of minutes. Curious? Join us.

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