Global Azure Bootcamp 2017



Herzliya, Israel 🇮🇱

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As part of the Global Azure Bootcamp ( we will be hosting a local event here in Israel focused on Azure Service Fabric!

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Azure Service Fabric Workshop

Azure Service Fabric represents a revolution in the way we can host and manage our applications both on premise and in the cloud. On the one hand, with its generic hosting capabilities, Azure Service Fabric can be used to reliably host any application in the cloud. On the other hand, using its varied programming model we can easily author, host and manage a micro-services based application with a mixture of reliable services and actors. In addition, support for reliable, scalable stateful services truly represents a breakthrough in the way we model our apps and store their data.

During this workshop attendees will understand what service fabric is, get some hands-on experience with creating a real live microservices application and deploy the application to Microsoft Azure.