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Saint Petersburg, Russia 🇷🇺

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DotNext Piter

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Here, at DotNext, you can find such world’s leading experts as Jon Skeet, Sasha Goldshtein, Dino Esposito, Andrey Akinshin, Mark Seemann, Karel Zikmund and other .NET community gurus; developers from Google, Microsoft, JetBrains, StackOverflow, and other companies; the top authors and leaders of the largest Russian developers’ communities.

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Bot-Tender: A Chat Bot Walks into a Bar

Chat bots are a rising and exciting new way to interact with your users and engage them wherever they are. You most probably have a web site and you might have a mobile application. But do you have a chat bot? Be it in Slack, Skype, Facebook or anywhere else – your users are already there, so why not allow them to interact with your service directly from there in a human, natural way?

In this session you’ll get to know the Microsoft Bot Framework and the Azure Bot Service, as we use them to build a real live bot bartender on stage and tackle all of the development issues one by one.