DotNet Conf Israel 2018



Tel-Aviv, Israel 🇮🇱

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.NET Conf is an annual online event showcasing many of these advancements and capabilities. Following the event, CodeValue will host a local Israel event. Join the CodeValue experts as they highlight the main news and interesting capabilities that .NET has to offer this year. All the sessions will be given in Hebrew, and an exact agenda will be posted after the global event.

Session Info

Azure Durable Functions for Serverless .NET Orchestration

Durable Functions is an extension of Azure Functions that lets you write stateful functions in a serverless compute environment. The extension lets you define stateful workflows by writing orchestrator functions and stateful entities by writing entity functions using the Azure Functions programming model. Behind the scenes, the extension manages state, checkpoints, and restarts for you, allowing you to focus on your business logic. In this session we’ll look at Azure Durable Functions and demonstrate their usage.