Bot-Tender: A Chat Bot Walks into a Bar (2020)


Chat bots are a rising and exciting new way to interact with your users and engage them wherever they are. You most probably have a web site, you might have a mobile application, and if you’re really serious (or bored) you might have a desktop application as well. But do you have a chat bot? Be it in Slack, Skype, Facebook or anywhere else – your users are already there, so why not allow them to interact with your service directly from there in a human, natural way?

In this session you’ll get to know the Microsoft Bot Framework and the Azure Bot Service, as we use them to build a real live bot bartender on stage and tackle all of the development issues one by one. So do you have a bot yet? Now is a great time!

Slide Deck

Video (Microsoft 365 – The Tour, Hebrew)

Source Code

The source code for this session can be found here.