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Digital Transformation is one of the most profound changes happening in the technological world around us. More businesses understand that they must level up their tech strategy or be left behind. With a massive amount of cloud, AI/ML, and other emerging technologies, software professionals and decision-makers have difficulty keeping up to date.

How can we achieve Digital Transformation? How can we translate those high-level principles and fancy words to ideas and plans to implement in our software? This is what this year’s Architecture Next is for.

At Architecture Next 2021, we will discuss revolutionary concepts and tools for the fourth consecutive year and show you how they can be applied to make your next software system a better one. We will see how you can implement Digital Transformation in your software systems and how you can utilize your software architecture to accomplish more.

Architecture Next is intended for software architects, team leads, CTOs, VP R&Ds, and any leading tech persona who designs and affects the development of software products and services. All sessions will be delivered by CodeValue’s top experts, including some of the leading figures in the realm of software architecture in Israel, along with esteemed guests.

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Application Evolution Strategy

As companies attempt to implement Digital Transformation, they need to modernize their in-house software systems and build new ones. This modernization process often includes transitioning the software to the public cloud, using modern technologies, implementing a SaaS system, changing the system’s architecture (Microservices anyone?), and delivering a new user experience (UX) to customers. However, we rarely get the opportunity to rebuild our systems from scratch. The customers are still there, the business is still running, and stakeholders still want everything to operate at the same operational level as it was until now.

So how can we do it? Can we have our cake and eat it too? There is no silver bullet, and trade-offs comprise our every choice. The trick is knowing which questions to ask and how to choose our strategy.

Join us in this session as we review the technical methods we have to modernize our software systems. We’ll review the questions we should ask ourselves and the strategies that we can employ. Starting from lift & shift through containerization to cloud-native apps – we’ll take you on a journey that’s relevant for any modern software stakeholder.

Video (Hebrew)

Panel – Architecture for Digital Transformation (Hebrew)

An expert panel discussing digital transformation, software architecture, and everything in between.