Architecture Next 2018 – IDF Edition



Tel-Aviv, Israel 🇮🇱

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A good software architecture is one of the key differentiators between a good software system and a dead software system. Building a software system that merely answers its functional requirements could be simple or complex depending on the domain. However, authoring a software system that meets the non-functional requirements as well, and is maintainable, scalable, robust, secure and flexible enough to handle future changes is a much harder job. When you throw in to the mix modern approaches and technologies such as Microservices, Docker, Blockchain, IoT and others, this job only get more complex. The amount of knowledge a modern architect must possess is overwhelming! At Architecture Next 2018, we will discuss these revolutionary concepts and tools, and show you how they can be applied towards making your next software system a better one. Among the discussed issues and topics are the Microservices architecture approach, Docker & Kubernetes, Blockchain technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and more.

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Keynote – To Microservice or Not to Microservice?